Q: How difficult is the work on CUSP volunteer projects?

A: CUSP offers projects with varying levels of physical requirements.  When signing up for projects take note of the project difficulty rating to see if it fits your needs.

  • Easy – Projects that have minimal physical demand and are easy to access by vehicle and walking short distances less than ½ mile. These types of projects can include raking and seeding native grasses, weed control and plantings.
  • Moderate – Projects that require greater physical activity, such as lifting, carrying and digging. Access by vehicle and distance to project site may require over ½ mile of walking.
  • Strenuous – Projects that have difficult access to work sites and require physically demanding activities. Often can include longer hikes into worksite while carrying tools and personal necessities. These sites are often on significant slopes and often include fire restoration work and or rock work on trails. Advanced skills are always appreciated for these project types.
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